Born as the son of a sound engineer and a singer on october 8th in 1987 in Frankfurt am Main he would ditch the piano keys at the age of eight to reach from there on for the drumsticks. Since he turned eleven he had the serious intention to
become a professional drummer. Therefore he studied from 2000 to 2010 with Detlef Schröder at the Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory intensively the Rudiments who also introduced him to the classical percussion. In 2010 he turns his back on Frankfurt and the music happening there and heads for the Capital where he joins the precollege class at the music school Kreuzberg to prepare for the auditions for jazz drums.

In 2011 he begins his studies with Jo Thönes at the HfM „Franz Liszt“ in Weimar and pursues his studies from 2013 in Leipzig with Heiko Jung and Heinrich Köbberling. In 2016 Daniel gains his bachelor degree and starts his master studies with Heinrich Köbberling.