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As a native of Frankfurt/M., he spent time in Weimar and Berlin before eventually settling in Leipzig. His musical journey began with genres like Punk, Alternative Rock, Core, and Death Metal. However, he also drew strong inspiration from renowned artists such as Ton Steine Scherben, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Cannonball Adderley, and Weather Report, thanks to his mother’s influence during his formative years as a young musician.

At the age of 15, he embarked on his first studio residency at Trion Studios, which had previously belonged to his father. This experience sparked his dedication to mastering the art of composition, recording, and production, making them integral parts of his skill set as a working musician and creative individual.

During his early days, Daniel had the privilege of being mentored by esteemed musicians. Each mentor played a crucial role in shaping his musical journey. Some introduced him to the world of Rudimental Drumming and Classical Percussion. Others shared their expertise in Latin Percussion or exposed him to various styles of Jazz others would guided him in the realm of Rock Drumming.

Throughout his studies in Berlin, Weimar, and Leipzig, Daniel continued to receive invaluable guidance from renowned teachers such as Harald Kuendgen, Jo Thoenes, and Heinrich Koebberling. Additionally, he had the opportunity to participate in masterclasses conducted by John Hollenbeck, Claus Hessler, and Joost van Shaik, further enriching his musical education.


Keine Einträge vom Dienstag, 16 Juli 2024 bis zum Mittwoch, 16 Juli 2025.



Loom & Thread appear to present a take on this most classic of springboards of improvised music: the piano trio. Indeed, Daniel Klein on drums and Tobias Fröhlich on double bass forge that highly satisfying, interlocking framework, set in complex juxtaposition to what comes at them from the corner of Tom Schneider on keys. It would be a highly satisfying triangle of planar relational wonder on its own. Imaginative re-adaptation of unexpected shifts, re-grouped into coherent streams of musical thought. Superb clarity despite the pressurized density of form, the emergence of intricate order from spontaneous play.

” […] this is a brilliant and unique take on post-jazz, with moments of true beauty and dazzling sections of both instrumental prowess and technological creativity.”

Peter Hollo,
FBi Radio
Sydney (AUS)

“Das ist so eine Art meta-improvisierte Musik.[…] improvisiert, aufgezeichnet, verhackstückt und dazu dann wiederum weiterimprovisiert. Das ist wunderbar!”

Markus Ortmanns.

Hamburg (GER)

featured on @cdmblogs 2022 top picks by @dabravanel.



David Abravanel,

CDM, Berlin (GER)

” […] Viele wirklich ungewönhliche Soundexperimente auf dem Album von Loom & Thread.”

Daniella Baumeister
HR2 Kultur
Frankfurt M. (GER)


In his solo works Daniel Klein explores the realm trapped between analog and digital sound creation. His music is undoubtedly characterized by modern creativity, post-jazz elements, and experimentalism.

The analogue aspect of the acoustic drum introduces the freedom of infinite resolution in any musical parameter while digital sound manipulation is applied to push the music beyond the horizon of what the listener would expect.

This combination comes in handy when writing and producing music but its multidimensionality challenges the musician’s imagination in the process of creation through the sheer endless opportunities of sound qualities. Selfrestrainment is required and applied.


Daniel Klein is an educator for drums and rhythm-related ensembles at the „School of Music and Arts“ in Jena. He teaches private classes in his studios in Leipzig, Waldstraßenviertel & Großzschocher. If you are interested in taking lessons, please reach out via mail!